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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble 2024: Week 2, Night 4

Week 2 of the Rock & Roll Rumble starts NOW! Well, for us and in the interest of this posting it does but in actuality it starts on Thursday, April 11th back at Middle East Upstairs with the first 4 of 12 fresh bands scheduled to appear during the final Preliminary Rounds. Are you sad that the rounds are almost over? Have a favorite yet? Well, here’s some more fodder to confuse and confound all those decisions you thought you already made:

Shiverlane (9PM): Big, bad storytelling is the lay of the land for Boston’s Shiverlane coated with some self-proclaimed “Intoxicating Power Pop” and having listened through quite a bit of what the band has up over on Bandcamp currently we couldn’t agree more! Also of note: Shiverlane is the only band on tonight’s bill that we haven’t posted about before now. Which is more a refelction on us but still! Anyway, you can also board this train fueled by sugary sweet Shiverlane sounds ahead of their opening NIght 4 set when you head here.

Ruby Grove (945PM): It’s been exciting to see the strides that Ruby Grove’s core duo of Melissa Nilles and Cedric Lamour have made since the end of Miele and you’ll be able to witness those strides in person with a full band in tow when they take the famed Middle East Upstairs stage on Night 4 of the Rumble Preliminary Round with their lush, genre-defying sound that’s filled with Soul, Rawk, and Hip-Hop to name just a few weapons in the Ruby Grove aural arsenal. For now, whet your appetites with “Maybe It’s Time” and the rest of their pertinent links when you head here.

Looking Glass War (1030 PM): Modern Post Punk power at its’ finest doesn’t get finer than when talking up Boston’s Looking Glass War and their debut EP called Where Neon Meets The Rain because it runs the gamut of sounds within the genre while continually pushing boundaries for an eclectic mix that’s not to be missed. Which is hard to do if you click here for the tunes and here for everything else.

bikethrasher (1115PM): We reviewed The Cursed EP almost 2 years ago and… have not kept up with the Alternative, ahem, thrashing that the band have consistently delivered as much as we should have. And all we can say is “Our bad!” Especially because of the “Holy Jeebus!” sounds their most recent outings have produced! Latest Double-A side single, “Hillside” and “Summer St”, are a pair of certifiable bangers (Same can be said of what’s come before) that remind us of DIIV (If they stayed along the “Doused” Rawk path) and hum at times. You can hear for yourself when you head here for the music and here for everything else.

And that concludes our preview of Night 4 of the 2024 edition of the Rock & Roll Rumble which takes place at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge on Thursday, April 11th. Doors open at 8PM with a 9PM start time planned. Ticket links for all shows are located here with “Full Boat” passes for the whole shebang available here. For the latest on all things Rock & Roll Rumble-related, be sure to check out ye olde socials by clicking herehere, and here, or just skip the middle man and visit the main website here.

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