Kelsey’s Debut EP Is A Hard Rawk Fans Delight

As a fellow Berklee grad, how could I not wanna review this? It also helps that the debut EP from Kelsey Luo happens to be a kick ass slab of unexpected hard rawk! Vancouver to Boston to L.A. to Vancouver once again is the journey Kelsey took to bring you these three tracks of hard rawkin’ delights. And what delightful tracks they are! [Read more…]

Bleeding Through Return Reinvigorated On Ridiculously Rambunctious Love Will Kill All

Just to go back and remember how intense they could be in advance of this review I decided to forego sleep on the plane home during a recent trip and intently listen to my favorite, and the the first album I owned from, Bleeding Through. The album in question is This Is Love, This Is Murderous and there’s something about that album and opener “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire” in particular and the way that Brandan Schieppati’s inhuman scream following the  Willem Dafoe sample (From Boondock Saints) at the beginning just completely owns. And it doesn’t let up from that opening call to arms until the last notes of “Revenge I Seek”. [Read more…]

At The Gates Continue To Be Pioneers Of Melodic Death Metal On To Drink From The Night Itself

At The Gates is another one of those bands that I just never got into. Aware of them? Yes. But growing up when I did when Josh Homme was still a 20-year old kid playing desert rock, The Big Four were all experimenting with the mainstream, and nu-metal was just on the horizon…I just never sought them out. And with my Metal leanings lying more towards Industrial and Thrash, Death as a genre just never appealed to me. Oops? [Read more…]

Soft Kill Ready Emotionally Heavy, Sonically Vibrant Savior For Release

The first half of 2018 is filling up with more favorites than I can keep track of. Like Soft Kill who I came across thanks to Decibel, the only magazine I still read, simply because they shared the same review space as Fotocrime (We’ll mention that band again a little later) for coverage of their latest magnum opus Savior. [Read more…]

Untitled Metal Column: Volume 14 (Child Bite, Burnt Offerings: Covers And Rarities 2010 – 2017)

Easily one of our most favorite new bands of the past 5-10 years, Detroit’s Child Bite tap into this primal feeling of wonder each time they play by producing music that’s genre-defying and takes listeners on a different sonic journey with each new track. [Read more…]

LIK Carry The Swedish Metal Torch Proudly On Sophomore Carnage

Swedish death metal is alive and well and the month of May certainly proves that with new releases from the legendary At The Gates (Watch for our review of that soon) along with our focus today which is LIK’s sophomore offering, Carnage, out on May 4th through Metal Blade Records. [Read more…]

Better Luck Next Life: Is This The End Of OFFWORLD?

OFFWORLD is no more! Earth has destroyed them. They’ve broken up on re-entry while trying to bring us humans the fabulous follow-up to Grey DawnBetter Luck Next Life. But if this truly is the end for OFFWORLD then at least these space travelers can rest easy knowing that this album (Along with Grey Dawn) will be leaving a Texas-sized sonic crater on our musical landscape. [Read more…]

Circus Trees Ready “Impermanence” For Mass Release, Preview Song With Mini-Documentary Available Now

Three sisters. All under the age of 18. Putting every other musician out there to shame with the musicality and songwriting prowess that they display at such a young age. Which begs the question: If they sound this good now, how incredible are they going to sound going forward? [Read more…]

Raum Kingdom Create The Perfect Storm Of Metal On Everything & Nothing

I love full-lengths, okay? There’s just something about them. They hold gravity. Exert a certain heft. Have substance. EP’s and splits are all well and good but I always feel like you’re only getting a piece of the puzzle. Just a little taste.

Which brings us to Raum Kingdom. [Read more…]