KaiL Baxley Heralds A New Soul Revolution On A Light That Never Dies

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There are some things that come across my desk that are just not in my wheelhouse. At my core, I’m mostly a rock, metal, industrial guy but I love all music and sometimes I’m introduced to bands and artists that just compel me to write despite my limited knowledge of some genres. KaiL Baxley is one such artist that moved me to open up my ears and stretch my typing fingers when his upcoming second album, A Light That Never Dies, arrived at my digital desk. [Read more…]

Karl Agell Returns With King Hitter

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Getting to experience Blind-era Corrosion Of Conformity during the annual New England Metal and Hardcore Fest was a blessing in disguise as it reintroduced me to the beauty of Karl Agell’s voice. Returning home, I scoured the interwebs to discover King Hitter, the latest project from Agell which coincidentally enough feature members currently touring with the Blind-era line up of Corrosion of Conformity. [Read more…]

Pig Returns! Primitive Race Rises! Long In The Tooth EP Set For June Release!

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After all the hype and all the build up, being able to FINALLY talk about a “proper” release from Primitive Race is an amazing thing. Mastermind Chris Kniker has concocted this masterpiece of an EP that’s old school industrial yet firmly planted in today. Long In The Tooth is the name of the EP and the title track and it is ten tracks of perfectly executed electronic madness serenely sung by the one and only Raymond Watts. [Read more…]

Brown Bird Bids Farewell With Axis Mundi (Album Review)

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You know what? I’m ashamed that I only learned of the music of Brown Bird after the passing of Dave Lamb. I guess the one shining light in all of this is that the album I was first introduced to Brown Bird was their latest, last and best, Axis Mundi, which is a beautiful body of work that will undoubtedly live on and keep the memory of Lamb and the musical legacy of Brown Bird in our hearts, dare I say, forever. [Read more…]

Max Cavalera: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation

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There is no doubt that Cavalera Conspiracy’s latest album, and first on Napalm Records, is their heaviest one yet.

“I just think Pandemonium is a really cool record. It came out really cool. It’s really underground kind of sounding. Nate (Newton) did a great job on the bass. Out of the three, it is the heaviest right now and people should check it out.” [Read more…]

Cavalera Conspiracy Make Their First New England Metal And Hardcore Fest Appearance, Show The Kids How It’s Done


After a day filled with heavy bands from all walks of intensity from upstarts like Downpour (Featuring Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair and Seemless/Unearth skin basher Derek Kerswill) and Lody Kong to old school favorites like Overcast, Jasta, and COC, it was finally time for the godfathers to take the stage for their New England Metal and Hardcore Festival debut. [Read more…]

Annisokay Transcend Metalcore On Latest Release, Enigmatic Smile

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I had originally planned to write about Annisokay late last year when I first heard their cover of “Wrecking Ball” and was treated to my 7-year old doing his first mosh in our living room. For whatever reason, that glowing review didn’t make it to post but luckily, Annisokay is back with a new album that has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus and I have another reason to spread the word (Seriously, the “Wrecking Ball” cover was sick! Check it yourself here). [Read more…]

Monolord Releases Vaenir on April 28th Through Riding Easy Records (Album Review)

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A monolithic colossal of a beast of a behemoth, Monolord’s Vaenir is like Masters Of Reality Mach 2 (The album, not the band) with touches of Kyuss and The Sword thrown in for good measure. Within its’ six super-sized tracks (Except for the lone track which falls under the three minute mark), Monolord create an epic sophomore slab that will easily stand out as one of the best heavy releases of 2015. [Read more…]

Marriages Forge A Path Towards Musical Greatness On Salome


EP, LP, Mini-LP…call it what you will but there’s no denying that the debut from Marriages was and is utterly brilliant. The six tracks comprised in that recording picked up the post-rock torch from Isis and rose from the ashes of Red Sparowes to create something wholly unique driven by Emma Ruth Rundle’s unparalleled vocals. [Read more…]