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Singles! Salem Wolves, “November”

Design Credit: Gray Bouchard

New reviews from us about new songs from Salem Wolves practically write themselves. And that’s not to say we have sort of magic script or copy pasta database to just plug in with the appropriate artist info then press “Post” (Or do we???). It’s more the way that the Salem quartet continually deliver solid track after solid track that makes it so darn easy to come up with words to talk them up. Throw in an upcoming concept album about the ’80’s and wrestling and it’s even easier.

So the concept rekkid in question is The Psychotron Speaks and while we’re not going to attempt to break down the set up in this particular post (You can visit here for more of the story) we will say that, so far, the soundtrack by Salem Wolves is PHENOMENAL. “So Desperate” was the first chapter and definitely represented a more expansive aspect of the band but with “November”, Salem Wolves step into the unknown by completely embracing this new mythos they’ve created for a riotous new version of the band.

A powerhouse of a track, “November” is all ominous and foreboding as Don Schweihofer’s drums (With Steven Shepherd as the regular SW drummer) hit hard amidst Gray Bouchard and Sam Valliere’s guitars and Justin Tisdale’s bass accents adding to the atmosphere. Vocalist/guitarist Bouchard sounds electric reciting tales of The Stranger (Again, head here for more) to a wanting audience that’ll have to wait until July 19th for the full story to unfold.

“November”, off the upcoming The Psychotron Speaks full-length, comes your way on June 21st through Tor Johnson Records. You can do all the pre-savin’ of the new song right here and then head here to pre-order the upcoming record with a deluxe version that boasts a “massive” zine, exclusive trading cards, a screen printed cassette O-card and outer box, a set of pins, and more. And for even more Salem Wolves, follow the socials here and here.

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