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slo-anne Ready A Timeless Batch Of New Alternative Favorites On Savory Sophomore Outing whiplash

album art by christina cole

Any artist that can successfully manage to get the term “boot scootin'” into their bio and have it make sense is already a favorite in our book. And in slo-anne’s case it also helps that the kind of music produced by this Boston by way of Connecticut duo is the kind that immediately puts a grin on your face when listening regardless of your state of mind going in. And the upcoming sophomore opus named whiplash is filled to the BRIM with those sort of bangers with bangin’ names to boot (“shitty dreams”, “worm hive”, “squelch”) so if you’re looking for the right kind of mood enhancers then look no further than whiplash. In short: bangin’.

First single “ded” is not so much a setter of tones as it is a trendsetter and the trend with any slo-anne release is to make your feet ache from dancing in your seat too much (If that’s even a thing???) and your head infectiously bob along without a care in the world. It may sound like a serious medical condition but it’s not! In fact, slo-anne’s whiplash might be the cure-all for whatever ails you (See “puts a grin on your face” comment earlier)! But as an aside, we’re not in the medical field whatsoever so please don’t throw on the album and think listening to “back on the train” over and over is going to fix your appendicitis. It might distract you, sure, but get to a doctor! Please!

Did we just “casually” mention next track “back on the train” in that last blurb? Why yes, yes we did. Up next on the rekkid is a bit of a twang-y number with drummer Andy hittin’ all the hits perfectly before the track opens up into a ’90’s Alt haze as Cecily’s vocals sparkle and sway and flow in sync with the guitars being laid down. “squelch” is a rollicking ruckus from start to finish with Andy going all out on the fills while Cecily croons and shreds followed by “cramps” which is a tantalizing tender tome upon take off then builds for this lush chorus and Cecily’s voice moving as a separate instrument altogether (Which it obviously is but here it kind of transcends that…).

“melting” might be the most straightforward track on here which makes it a stand out in itself but even this “token” rawker is filled with a flurry of glistening sounds that escalates it beyond what you’d describe as “typical”. “shitty dreams” is a simmering, shimmering soliloquy in sonic smoothie form that’s taken from the blended bits of the best parts of the mid-tempo numbers from both Bleach and Nevermind while “worm hive” gets timeless to finish it all off with some big, broad strokes to highlight the magic made by Cecily and Andy when making music together.

whiplash arrives on June 27th. You can pre-order yours now when you head here or to the stream below and for the latest on slo-anne, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here or here.


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