David Duchovny Tries His Hand At Music On Heartfelt Hell Or Highwater


So far this year David Duchovny has put out his first novel, returned to network TV for NBC’s upcoming Aquarius, signed on to reprise his iconic Fox Mulder role for Fox’s X-Files revival, and put out his first album. Wait, what? An album? Like, of music and stuff?!?! Yeah, he did. And it’s pretty great. [Read more…]

Turbowolf Impress On Sophomore Opus, Two Hands


Two Hands, the latest from Turbowolf, is a fun fuckin’ record. Plain and simple. The second album from Turbowolf is sonically like The Sword meets CKY at times and doesn’t let the groove slip for a minute. Propelled by these masterfully structured fuzzed out riffs, beats to die for, and Chris Georgiadis’ unique yowl, Turbowolf epitomize all that could be great in rawk and/or roll. Two Hands will show you why. [Read more…]

Will Haven Open The Mind To Discomfort On Latest Release (EP Review)

Will_Haven_EP (1)

Quite simply, Will Haven’s latest EP is 23 minutes of metal bliss. Actually, don’t call Will Haven “metal”. They transcend the genre. 23 minutes of pure heavy music bliss is more like it. They’re back, baby! Sacramento’s heaviest sons return with an EP that will have longtime fans gagging for more and newfound friends asking themselves: “Why have I just NOW discovered this gem of a band?” [Read more…]

Nekrogoblikon Return With Heavy Meta, Available This June

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Oh Nekrogoblikon. Where to begin? My best friend introduced me to Nekrogoblikon after the hilarious video for “No One Survives” came out off the Stench album and from there I was sold despite the seemingly schtick nature of the band. The beautiful thing upon delving into their catalog is that Nekrogoblikon is no “Schtick band”. Does “John Goblikon” rock out with them live occasionally? Sure! Does the music speak for itself beyond Mr. Goblikon’s presence? Hell yes! [Read more…]

Coal Chamber Transcends Nu-Metal On Rivals

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The most surprising thing about the fourth Coal Chamber album isn’t how good it is after 13 years apart but actually how much it still sounds like Coal Chamber. With frontman Dez Fafara leaping into the decidedly more heavy Devildriver, guitarist Meegs and drummer Mikey Cox experimenting with new genres for We Are The Riot and bassist Nadja Peulen branching out with the symphonic industrial cabaret of Vera Mesmer, Rivals could have been a disaster or a masterpiece. Luckily, it falls in the latter category. [Read more…]

Aesthetic Perfection Goes Acoustic For Imperfect, Brings Along Some Familiar Friends

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At my core, I’m an industrial kid. Growing up during the ascension of NIN and Ministry, I gobbled up everything I could about the genre once discovering it….everyone from Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and PIG to the amazing guitar driven Slipdisc forgotten heroes of the late ’90’s (Rorschach Project, 16 Volt, Nihil, The Clay People). That said, I’m still always happy to discover something new, or more appropriately here, something I might have missed. [Read more…]

Landshapes Release Heyoon Full-Length, Video For “Ader”

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We were blown away when “Stay” from Landshapes arrived at our offices earlier this year so it’s no surprise that Heyoon, their just released full-length, has us even more excited. If “Stay” enthralled you as well then Heyoon will make you a fan for life. [Read more…]

Coliseum Deliver Epic Post-Punk Anxiety’s Kiss Via Deathwish On May 5th


I love instant gratification…learn about a band, preview their stuff, like it, buy it, it’s yours. That was the case with Coliseum. I’d heard the name but for some reason had never gotten my toes wet in their noise pool. I saw an article on Spin where they said Killing Joke was more important than Nirvana (Duh!), listened to the stream within, dug it a lot, ordered the vinyl, got an instant download, and the physical copy within a day. Ah, modern times! Also, Deathwish Inc (Coliseum’s new label) rules. [Read more…]

Compound Eye Sessions Out Now, Features Marc Heal And PIG!


PRAISE THE LARD, Pig has risen again and blessed his herd with not one, but two releases this year with hopefully more to follow (New full-length please?). If you’re impatient (Like me!) and can’t hold out until the EP with Primitive Race is released in June (Our review is here) then how about some instant gratification in the form of the Compound Eye Sessions? [Read more…]

KaiL Baxley Heralds A New Soul Revolution On A Light That Never Dies

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There are some things that come across my desk that are just not in my wheelhouse. At my core, I’m mostly a rock, metal, industrial guy but I love all music and sometimes I’m introduced to bands and artists that just compel me to write despite my limited knowledge of some genres. KaiL Baxley is one such artist that moved me to open up my ears and stretch my typing fingers when his upcoming second album, A Light That Never Dies, arrived at my digital desk. [Read more…]