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Singles! Salem Wolves, “So Desperate”

Design Credit: Gray Bouchard

We have never not loved what’s come out of the Salem Wolves camp and that’s not to say that we’re biased in any way but more that we have high expectations with each new offering. So to say our interest was piqued when upcoming new song “So Desperate” was announced ahead of a new album, and a concept one at that (Due in July), is kind of a vast understatement.

But y’know what? “So Desperate” does not disappoint. It also doesn’t sound like anything the Rawk quartet has produced thus far. And maybe that’s due in part to producer Jay Maas (Bane, Defeater) and the upcoming concept record called The Psychotron Speaks (Read more on that here). Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that this new track is anthemic through and through. It’s Salem Wolves’ very own “We Will Rock You” if you will with some Against Me! and The Gaslight Anthem feels and that kind of stadium-ready jam where you can immediately picture the set up at the show with vocalist/guitarist Gray Bouchard leading the crowd in chanting the “Oh ohhhh”‘s during the larger than life chorus.

All around, “So Desperate” represents what could be a turning point for the Boston mainstays with other highlights including the searing solos from Sam Valliere and Bouchard towards songs end while Don Schweihofer’s start/stop drumming (For this session with Steven Shepherd as the regular SW drummer) and Justin Tisdale’s flowing bass tones set a solid foundation. Add in all of Paper Tigers on additional vocals alongside Cam Hutchinson and Ben “Cutty” Cuthbert and the road toward The Psychotron Speaks is a promising one.

“So Desperate” arrives on May 10th through Tor Johnson Records ahead of a new record due out this summer. You can get your pre-save on now by heading here and for more from Salem Wolves, including all the info on upcoming shows, follow them across the interwebs by clicking here, or here or here for their official website.

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