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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: “Interludes”, Lady Parts

Like the concept of Teeth but felt it was a little bit too visceral for your tastes??? Well, howzabout something a little more sensual… but equally horrific! That’s Lady Parts from writer/director Ariel McCleese in a nutshell with a tale of teenage angst that’s equal parts terrifying and tantalizing!

Iris (Ava Hase) is your typical awkward teenager except for the fact that when she gets excited, the floodgates of her nethers open and don’t stop. Like, we’re talking change the bed and get a new mattress EVERY time Iris has a sex dream kind of moist. And that’s a BIG problem for any horny teenager. Never mind one who’s also exploring bisexuality with Ethan (Jake Holley) in one corner and Ellie (Liv Mai) in the other!

Just as teen love is, Lady Parts is awkwardly erotic boasting Hannah Getz’s fabulous cinematography under McCleese’s watchful eye which produces such fantastic shots as Iris entering a party at one point but the focus is on her lower half that leads to getting a drink and bumping into Ellie with the view coming through the punchbowl and then later, in another scene, Ethan consoling Iris with a neat use of mirrors. Add on a vibrant score that’s both atmospheric and down right awesome (The latter especially over the end credits) from DeAndre James Allen-Toole and Masha Lyass’ lush production design and Lady Parts is one awkward teen experience you won’t mind revisiting over and over again.

You have one more chance to see Lady Parts as part of the 2024 Salem Horror Fest “Interludes” series at SATV Studio during Weekend II on May the fourth which you can find more about by heading here. For more from filmmaker McCleese you can head here and for more from Salem Horror Fest, including info on all the rest of the screenings and events happening this year, be sure to follow the socials by heading here, here, and here.

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