Circus Trees Kick Off The Race For Best Of 2019 With Sakura

Is it too early to declare a body of music as a “must have” for the new year? If not, then I’d like to nominate Circus Trees. Since we debuted “Impermanence” over on the Deathkiss Radio Show on the now defunct WEMF last year, Malborough’s sibling triple threat has been playing out and honing their talent in preparation for what’s sure to be a phenomenal 2019 for Circus Trees.

Sakura is the name of their debut EP which is equally compelling, exhilarating, and unique. Beginning with “Empty Cabinets”, Circus Trees continue what was started with “Impermanence” with a strong musical foundation that combines post-rock stylings and the best experimental aspects of both Chelsea Wolfe and Pj Harvey.

“The Theft” is almost magical with shimmering guitar lines and Giuliana McCarthy’s subtle percussive touches as Finola McCarthy’s voice weaves in and out of the musical tapestry like a fever dream before culminating in an epic sonic bludgeoning.

“Despondent” takes a dark turn with this cacophonous barrage of noise as Finola adopts a harrowing yowl toward the conclusion and then “Carousels” serenely descends upon listeners with a moody brooder reminiscent of some of the Grunge era’s standout artists (Think the rawness of Bleach mixed with the scope of Ten) as Edmee McCarthy’s bass reverberates into your very being and Finola’s voice acts as a musical guide, navigating all the highs and lows perfectly.

Sakura is out soon through Five By Two Records. Stay tuned to Circus Trees on social media here and here for more info as well as where you can catch the trio live.

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