Eldridge Rodriguez Go Synth, Still Rawk On So Hard

I picture “So Hard”, the latest and greatest single from Boston’s Eldridge Rodriguez, in a John Hughes or some other coming of age dramedy where the main character has a great revelation about their feelings for a girl or a boy. And there’s running. And probably a montage. And maybe some rain.

What I’m trying to say is that the song is a goddamn timeless treasure, okay?

It really is! While not the immediate fuzzed out rawk you might know Eldridge for, “So Hard” still offers plenty of earnest and heartfelt Cameron Keiber vocal lines amidst a different sonic landscape.

If you’re looking for that “fuzzed out” feeling, though, then check out the “Melted Candy remix” while the “Hoarse Again remix” goes full ’80’s with a synth and beats driven version. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the EP closes with a new remix of “Your Dead Boyfriend” which had a different mix on the We Are Not Trump Volume Two compilation (Available here) from earlier in 2017.

Serving as the harbinger for their new record which Eldridge Rodriguez is diligently working on now, So Hard is also the ONLY place you’ll hear the versions of the songs found on this EP (“Your Dead Boyfriend” will actually be making an “official” debut on said upcoming album) making the decision of whether or not to fork over $3 for some killer tunes a no-brainer.

So Hard is available at your fingertips now! Yes, now! Bandcamp has you hooked up and all you have to do is click here. Eldridge Rodriguez will be playing some shows and putting out more tunes in the near future. For up to the date info on all that jazz, head on over here.

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