Flaw Touch On The Past, Look To The Future On United We Stand

It’s always a good indicator of a hiatused (Not a real word) or previously kaput band’s intentions when they not only return with a new full-length but also a plethora of material soon after. Case in point, the newly resurrected Flaw who are set to unleash a new EP barely a year after comeback LP Divided We Fall was released.

The aptly titled United We Stand is a short and (mostly) sweet six song EP that showcases Flaw’s softer side. So if you’re looking for the intensity of their heavier work then you might wanna look elsewhere. Still here? Good. Because within United… is a different kind of intensity which fits the Flaw sonic aesthetic just fine.

From the opening salvo of “I’ll Carry You” where Chris Volz positively croons at times delivering lines like “You’re not alone/I’m right beside you” with such heart through to “Such Is Life” which hearkens back to the band’s debut, this Kentucky outfit defiantly bucks trends by delivering songs that go against type yet are intrinsically and unequivocally Flaw.

Speaking of that first classic LP…

While the new tracks are a definite revelation, it’s the live tracks that are a fitting reminder of how potent Flaw is in that setting with recent performances of “Only The Strong” and the still vicious “Payback” reminding listeners why grabbing tickets whenever the band tours is always a good idea.

The aforementioned “Such Is Life” is a transcendent Flaw track, sounding like nothing the band has released with broadly crafted passages and swooping choruses. While the other new tracks on here, “Fall Into This” and “My Style”, present more intimate Flaw performances without going acoustic. The former is an expertly structured example of Flaw’s  musical depth that are revealed by repeated listens while the latter is like an old school Alice In Chains jam complete with Staley-style layered vox.

United We Stand is out through Pavement Entertainment on September 1st. You can get yer bundle on here or go digital by clicking here or here. For more on Flaw, including info on some just announced live dates, head on over here.

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