Mr. Kitty Pens Tribute To Late Friend On Double Album Ephemeral

You’re not alone: 1-800-273-8255

“I was lost/You were there to find me/When I joked/You were there to laugh/I was sad/You could make me happy/As I broke/You could put me back/You were lost/I couldn’t find you/Couldn’t laugh when I needed light/Didn’t know you were this unhappy/When you broke/What could I do”

And on that somber note, “Wait” begins the epic new 30-track double album from Mr. Kitty. Ephemeral is all that and a bag of chips and a fitting tribute to the albums’ inspiration, Kahlas Austin Stambaugh, who tragically took his own life at the age of 23.

For 30 tracks, Ephemeral, moves. Like, really moves. And tells this incredible story. And inspires. And that’s no small feat when it comes to a double album of all original music. Not only is the album this gorgeous electro memorial but it also sort of plays as a Mr. Kitty “best of”, hitting all the highs of previous outings while offering an exciting look into the future of the self-destructive synthpop artist.

After the jarring yet emotional opener, fans get even more lush electronic ecstasy like “From Liquid” which is a huge banger while “My Weak Side” is classic Kitty. If “My Weak Side” is Mr. Kitty classic then “Disconnect Lover” is like the next evolution, touting hypnotic synthetics perfectly suited for the futuristic worlds of Blade Runner or Altered Carbon (Read: Philip K. Dick sci-fi)

Ephemeral works in parts and as a whole but regardless of how you choose to listen, the album begs for repeated plays to find the intricacies within each track.

Case in point: “The View Isn’t The Same” with its’ refrain of “The view is not the same without you” and the hidden little depths during the breakdown or subtle flourishes over pulsating beats and bloops. Or then there’s “Trauma” which was released some time ago yet still intrigues each time it plays.

“Molt” is sleek and sexy with echoes of “XIII” but goes to these unparalleled highs that the lead off Time track didn’t attempt. Then “Want To Hurt Myself” is the most upbeat sad song ever set to a soundtrack akin to a Nintendo classic game of the ’80’s.

Mr. Kitty’s vocal cadence enthralls listeners almost as much as the swirling electro on “Puzzle Heart” while “Bloodletting” is this hyper stylized Frankenstein’s Monster with even more bleeps and boops and bouncing bass lines underneath Mr. Kitty’s cries. “Not Dead Yet” goes even further as it it thumps and throbs, giving hints of Julien-K at times.

“I Want To Hurt You” provides a safety blanket of synths as Mr. Kitty croons not so sweet nothings in your earholes while this ominous cloud hovers overhead. And “Whip” is propelled forward by these huge drum sounds and positively hums until “Hornet” tears listeners down with this hyper dissonance that’s just as fun but in a wholly different way.

The perfect soundtrack to dance your pain away closes out nicely with one last hurrah from “Sanctum Of Ash” before the quiet “I Did It All For You” featuring a synthetic-voiced Mr. Kitty closes out Ephemeral.

Ephemeral is out in all its’ double album glory on March 8th through Negative Gain Productions. Pre-orders for the digital and physical copies (CD and Cassette only) are up now by clicking here. For more on Mr. Kitty, head here.

You’re not alone: 1-800-273-8255


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