Mr. Kitty Returns With “Entwine”


Two of my most favorite new electronic artists have just released some killer new tracks you need to hear. Trust was first out the gates a few weeks back with “Slug” but if you’re here that means you read the headline and want to read about Mr. Kitty.

That’s right, THE Mr. Kitty whose Time album blew my socks off (And still gets an immense amount of plays during the week at the RNRF offices) just dropped a brand new song. In the age of short attention spans and single/EP releases being a thing, “Entwine” could be just a one off but I’m hoping it’s the harbinger of a new album.

But I digress.

Onto the song! Quite simply, if you liked Mr. Kitty before then “Entwine” is only going to make you fall deeper in love with the smooth synth sounds produced on every new track. Not as aggressive as “XIII” (A personal fave), “Entwine” is still a driving slab of goth-y goodness and highly recommended for any electronic/EBM/industrial fan.

“Entwine” is out now through Negative Gain Productions. Get your copy below or click the Bandcamp link here. For more on the amazing Mr. Kitty, head on over here.


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