My Ticket Home Bring Familiarly Surreal Sounds To Truly unReal Third Album

What’s “Unreal” here is how effortlessly My Ticket Home seemingly capture the best parts of an entire genre and made it relevant again on their third full-length. It’s 2017. Nu-metal is dead. So what comes next? Some new nu-metal? Sure, why not! Or “puke rock” as the band themselves call it.

Whatever you want to describe the sound as there’s one thing that’s unequivocally undeniable: it’s fucking rad!

“Time Kills Everything” and “Hyperreal” are prime examples. With Nick Giumenti’s gruff delivery (A mix of Kurt Cobain’s rasp with Mark Chavez’s strained emotion) paired with Marshal Giumenti’s barrage of beats, My Ticket Home sound familiar yet fresh and a song like the latter is what happens when everything just clicks.

“Redline” hits all the down-tuned notes perfectly but where My Ticket Home really steal the show is how seasoned they sound. If we’re talking that nu-metal tag then think about Korn recording a monster like Follow The Leader with the intensity of their self-titled still intact.

“Joi” is a slow burner driven by the moody riffs of rhythm guitarist Derek Blevins and lead guitarist Matt Gallucci which leads into the sonic awesomeness of “Gasoline Kiss”, built on frenetic beats and Nick’s serene delivery building to this crusher of a chorus.

“Down Life” is everything I wanted Cold to sound like beyond their stellar first offering with eerie guitars haunting the track throughout while “We All Use” is so alt old school it hurts complete with these Ken Andrews-style guitar screams. Other highlights include “Cellophane”, which stands apart thanks to the throb of the bass hum and the sheer riffage contained within, and the subdued aural potency of closer “Visual Snow”.

That sweet spot when Adrenaline sounded so new can never be replicated but it helps when a band like My Ticket Home comes along and completely turns that sentiment on its’ head with an album that is diverse yet solid and ultimately, unReal. Viva Puke Rock!

unReal is out on October 6th through Spinefarm Records. Pre-orders are available by clicking here and here. For more about this Ohio quartet, including where you can catch them live, click here.

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