Second Still Fuse Post-Punk With DreamPop Spectacularly On Debut LP (Album Review)

Post-punk is a gem of a genre and it’s been going through a quiet resurgence as of late. Bands like The KVB, Vaniish, and The Soft Moon have been clearing a path for bands like Second Still to get some of that spotlight and and after hearing their self-titled debut, you’ll agree that spotlight is rightly deserved.

“Recover” is straight out of the goth clubs, oozing with that dark Bauhaus/Joy Division goodness until Suki San enters and brings the song to Siouxsie & The Banshees levels of amazing. Bassist Alex Hughes sets the tone next with a bass bounce that lays a foundation under a sinister reverb and shimmering Ryan Walker guitar lines.

“Sleep” hearkens back to all your ’80’s (A little Killing Joke meets “Mirror In The Bathroom” if you will) favorites with echoed guitars, programmed beats, and Suki’s dreamy vox while the hypnotic programming coupled with San’s airy delivery on “New Barn” will lull listeners into a trance.

Throughout Second Still, this Los Angeles trio deliver something eerily familiar yet wholly fresh by successfully intertwining the past, present, and future and forging a sound that’s truly unique. “Jo” captures that sentiment with intricate beats playing off a repeated guitar line building to an uncontrollable scream while San pops in and out with a lush singsong melody. Closing with the Sonic Youth meets post-punk mover “Judgement”, Second Still speed to the finish line of their debut LP just as triumphantly as they opened it.

Second Still is out on April 7th through Manic Depression Records. You can grab yours here and then head here to find out more about the band.

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