Singles! blindspot, “All I Am”



It takes a special kind of band to bring “Singles!” out of mothballs and even more special when said band isn’t Misery Loves Co. (Who have been the focus of the last two of these posts) That “special kind of band” in this case is Boston’s own blindspot who just released new single “All I Am”, with a new video to boot.

Boston is lucky to have a slew of impassioned artists in a variety of genres and few around town get more impassioned than blindspot. On “All I Am”, the Alexa Economou-fronted trio has honed their songwriting and musicianship to completely blow their already kick ass debut EP (Which you can check out here) out of the water with barely three minutes of sonic awesome. Economou’s voice has a young Cyndi Lauper-esque playfulness to it but with a strength and urgency of Hayley Williams while Chris Cormier’s shrieking guitar lines elevate “All I Am” into a bonafide anthem.

The video for “All I Am” is out now and you can view it below. You can also click here to stream the single then head here to see where you can catch blindspot next along with ALL of the up-to-date stuff on the band.

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