Super Sounds And Songs Abound On Super American’s Tequila Sunrise

Super American is one of those conundrums in a puzzle type bands where you think you’re getting one thing but what you’re really getting is another thing. And the “another thing” is the better thing overall. Confused? Let us explain.

“Coconut Shrimp” is an outlier, okay? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great single and captures all the qualities that make an opening song memorable. In that respect, Pat Feely and Matt Cox have done their job of hooking listeners in but like Marilyn Manson luring unsuspecting kiddies into the filth of the Smells Like Children EP by releasing “Sweet Dreams” first….things quickly take a turn.


Before you turn away thinking that Super American’s debut devolves into some sort of industrial/dance madness, know that what comes after is a sonic gift that keeps on giving as repeated listens peel away more layers for a band who, according to their bio, “subscribe to the sentiments of indie and emo while embracing the social consciousness of pop giants Blink 182 & Oasis”.

But I digress.

“Commitment Issues” is where the album really begins. Solemn yet sunny, the track is the first of many that will have listeners swooning and swaying as their listful earholes take in all of the auditory goodness as Feely and Cox trade off vox (See what I did there?) on an album that’s a perfect soundtrack for the summer, released in the fall.

“Hands Down Olivia” continues with that trend, upping the groove with these killer beats bringing a familiar feel while “Neon Lights” builds off those beats with this almost electro jam that ups the Super American arsenal of aural tricks once again. “Casino Blonde” is all beats and thumps and acoustic meanderings as soothing vocals serenely croon bringing to mind early Guster at times. Later still, “Date (You Got Blisters)” is hopeful and uplifting in all those beautiful Rogue Wave ways mixed with Blind Melon sensibilities.

Penultimate track “Chris From Walmart” is another on Tequila Sunrise that highlights Super American’s stellar storytelling capabilities before “Mike Taxi” comes in as an almost bookend to “Coconut Shrimp” as this fun little sing-a-long ditty closes out the debut.

Tequila Sunrise drops on September 14th through Take This To Heart Records. Pre-orders are right here! For the latest and greatest on Super American, head here.

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