Strvngers Dig Out Gothic Classics, Remix Their Own Classics On Exhumed Vol 2

Already gunning for our Top 5 of 2018, Strvngers make an even stronger case for their inclusion with their new “EP”, Exhumed Vol 2. And you didn’t read wrong, those quotes are NOT a typo. We only add them because of the sheer length of this release which includes five covers, five remixes, and a previously unreleased tune. Yeah, it’s big. [Read more…]

Hyro The Hero Soldiers On With Solid Sophomore Album, Flagged Channel

Honestly, I had to go back through the archives to find that I had, in fact, actually reviewed the debut from Hyro da Hero because the music sounded so familiar when I pressed play on the current record (Check out the review for Birth, School, Work, Death here for a refresher).

But I digress. [Read more…]