Low Flying Hawks Create A Delightful Rumble Within Desert Rawk Meets Doom EP, Anxious Ghosts

Trevor Dunn and Dale Crover are two names that, if you follow avant-garde, indie, or underground types of music, should be familiar to you already. Separately they’ve provided the building blocks for a lot of those aforementioned genres through their work with Nirvana, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, and Melvins (in which the two managed to intersect) to name a few. Together they are the rhythm section of Low Flying Hawks who inadvertently continue that forward trend to push the boundaries of desert rawk and psychedelia alongside multi-instrumentalists and songwriters AAL and EHA once again.

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Low Flying Hawks Fly High On Epic Genkaku

Magnetic Eye Records is to sludge metal and desert rawk what Metropolis Records is to Industrial and Roadrunner Records was to groundbreaking metal back in the day meaning when you pick up something with the MER seal of approval you know you’re gettin’ sumthin’ special. [Read more…]