Rock And Roll Fables Presents: 18 for ’18 AKA What We Think You Should Be Spending Your $$$ On In The New Year

In a year that is about to hit us with new and highly anticipated offerings from Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Guster, Monster Magnet, Butthole Surfers, and…ahem…The Offering (Get it? Because I said “new offerings” then added that The Offering has a new album coming…), we present to you a list of even more albums that we think will be pleasing to the earholes. Won’t you please join us?

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Welcome to Joyland, courtesy of Trust.


Have you ever gotten into a band at the absolute worst time possible? Like, you just fully immerse yourself in an album only to find that said band has just come through town? That’s my experience with Toronto’s Trust. Until next time then but for now I can still experience their latest album, Joyland, over and over and over again.

Somewhere between Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys with a twinge of Peter Murphy, Brad Roberts,  and Sigur Ros thrown in for good measure lies Trust. They’re one of those bands that’s so good that if Joyland is your first taste of the band, you’ll be instantly inclined to go back and devour their back catalog (I did and it is soooo worth it!).

From the onset of first track “Slightly Floating”, Robert Alfons’ voice will mesmerize, hypnotize, and utterly pull you into Trust’s world. “Geryon” picks up the pace and layers on the synths bringing to mind previous album, TRST. Speaking of their stunning 2012 debut (Take a listen to “Shoom”, “The Last Dregs”, and “Sulk” please and thank you!), Joyland presents only a slight departure sonically from that album but sees Trust even more focused and driven on songwriting and structure to give listeners the most exquisite listening experience (Check out “Are we Arc?” for more on that) this time around.

I’ll also admit that I was under the delusion that the soprano vox on Joyland were obviously done by either one of the two female band members or a guest vocalist at the very least…but nope, I was totally wrong. After watching a live clip (Live in Cologne), I discovered that Alfons does it all! His range is another factor which makes Trust a true stand out in today’s electronic music scene. Whether it’s switching from a deep baritone to a soothing mid range on “Four Gut” or taking his voice to even greater levels of sensual seductiveness on songs like “Ichabod”, Alfons is unlike any vocalist in modern music today. Joyland is available now. Find your copy here and then head over to their FB page to see when you can catch them live in NYC and L.A. this fall.