Ghastly Sound Help Listeners Have A Nice Day On Rawk Solid Debut Full-Length

Easily one of our most anticipated releases of 2019 (It was number twelve on our “19 for’19” preview, Read that here), Ghastly Sound is finally ready to astound and amaze with their debut full-length coming at you through Magnetic Eye Records in September. But is the magic still there? Can this three-piece from Vermont hold your attention beyond three or four songs? Why are we treating this opening paragraph like the closing of a Batman episode from the ’60’s? Tune in next week at the same RNRF time and the same RNRF channel to find out! Or you could just keep reading below…

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Ghastly Sound Kicks 2017’s Ass Once Again With Scorching EP The Bottom

If you put The Bottom, the upcoming EP from Vermont’s Ghastly Sound, together with the S/T EP released earlier this year (Our review is here) then you might have the most perfect rawk release of 2017. Killer on their own, fucking epic together. [Read more…]

Ghastly Sound Release Debut EP, Singlehandedly Save Rock And Roll In The Process

Like a mix of Torche and Kylesa’s brand of sludge rawk fronted by someone who can bring a Dickinsonian monster croon one minute and a brash growl the next, Ghastly Sound just might be the band to give current rawk and/or roll the swift kick in the ass it so desperately needs. [Read more…]