We Came As Strangers Preview Eyedom With Video/Single “Still Life”

It’s The Fifth Element score meets Protection-era Massive Attack on “Still Life”, We Came As Strangers first single from their upcoming Eyedom full-length.

Vocalist Ellem transcends your typical trip-hop muse with an angelic voice that will haunt you long after the last notes ring out. Wrapped around her perpetual croon are these gorgeous piano lines and shimmering synths interspersed with acoustic guitars, Tim Harries’ subtle bass hums and some programmed beats bringing to mind a perpetual sunrise.

Seemingly so simple yet graceful and elegant, the video treatment is equally beautiful showcasing Ellem in black and white amongst various urban settings.

“Still Life” will be released on July 20th with Eyedom following on August 31st. Pre-orders are available here right now and for more on We came As Strangers head on over to their official site.

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