Within Temptation Return With Fiery Resist

Within Temptation is another one of those bands that has been on my radar for some time and I get the general gist of what they’re all about but never properly dove in before. And like so many times previously documented in these pages, I truly effed up. Especially if previous efforts sounded anything like Resist, Within Temptation’s seventh opus.

But I digress.

From the moment “The Reckoning” lunges at your ears with bombastic aplomb and Jacoby Saddix’s (Yes, Jacoby “Cut my life into pieces” Shaddix of Papa Roach whose newest, Who Do You Trust?, should be checked out post haste as well) voice intertwines with Sharon den Adel then you know you have some magic happening already. And I hate to compare the band to Lacuna Coil from the get go but similar to “The House of Shame” off of Delerium, Within Temptation’s opening salvo is similarly just as visceral. But where LC goes for the jugular, WT goes for the heart with a healthy dose of melody and emotion.

And that’s where the similarities end. Thanks for bearing with me.

“Endless War” is operatic with den Adel soaring to those sonic heights that sets her apart from other metal vocalists while “Raise Your Banner” features a guest appearance from Anders Fridén, vocalist for “infamous metalcore” band In Flames (Publicists words, not mine, although I would like to add that I haven’t been into anything since 2008’s A Sense Of Purpose so I’d have to concur with “infamous”) Here, Fridén sounds as vicious as ever with nary a hint of the sheen that has toxically permeated recent In Flames records (So maybe there’s hope when I, The Mask drops on March 1st).

“Supernova” hits just as you’d expect with a song title such as it is. Pounding, driving, and full of oomph with the power of three guitarists (Ruud Jolie, Robert Westerholt, Stefan Helleblad) on full display, this one is just more icing on the cake that is as solid all the way through as Resist is. “Holy Ground” is serene amidst an Industrial backdrop that brings to mind some of Fear Factory or Filter’s greatest slow anthems and then den Adel begins a vocal flow that is reminiscent of the latest jam from Halsey.

“Mad World” is pulsating beats from Mike Coolen and carefully curated synthetics from Martijn Spierenburg linking with Jeroen van Veen’s bass to create a new gothic anthem which immediately sounds radio ready and perfect for any number of upcoming TV or movie trailers. Speaking of anthems, “Mercy Mirror” fits that bill so effortlessly with its’ swooping chorus and heartfelt message before the soaring pummeler that is “Trophy Hunter” closes out Resist in a fitting way.

Resist is out through Spinefarm Records on February 1st. You can pre-order your very own copy by clicking here or here. For more on Within Temptation, including where you can see them alongside the aforementioned In Flames soon, head on over here.

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