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AAWKS Bring Their Elevated Brand Of Space Rawk To Luna

Cover Art by – Doomolith

Boasted by a new track, two covers, and a live song, the newest offering from Canada’s AAWKS is four tracks of unfiltered and unrestrained Space Rawk that’s like the debut from Black Sabbath mixing it up with Clutch’s self-titled sophomore renaissance. It’s spacious and broad while also big on the riffs AND on the catchiness for an entrancing smattering of sounds.

“The Figure” has those Clutch-like Grooves complemented by those dark Black Sabbath kinds of sensibilities for a riff-centric blast of new AAWKS Rawk that’s a fitting opener for Luna with Kris Dzierzbicki and Roberto Paraíso’s guitars masterfully pouncing off of one another’s playful picking. A Flock Of Seagulls’ “I Ran” gets an unexpectedly rawkin’ cover that still maintains the airy quality of the original while amping up the fuzz quotient for an almost Desert Rawk-style anthem as Dzierzbicki echoes the iconic Mike Score vocals leading into an epic finish driven by drummer Randylin Babic’s steady sticks.

“Julia Dream” gets its’ quirk on big time with a spacey trip off the Pink Floyd original and then Luna closes out with “All Is Fine” recorded live from the Pøølhaüs in February of 2022 to give fans just an inkling of what it’s like to witness the majesty of AAWKS on stage.

Luna arrives on December 8th through Black Throne Productions and you can click here to check out all your streaming and pre-order options now. For more from AAWKS, follow them through their socials by heading here, here, or here.

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