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Beach Slang Rawk The New Year Right On The Deadbeat Slang of Heartbreak City

“Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly.”

Per their social media pages and nothing could be a more fitting descriptor when it comes to Philadelphia’s Beach Slang especially on their new full-length, The Deadbeat Slang of Heartbreak City. Anthemic Garage Rawk reigns supreme within …Heartbreak City from the auspicious instrumental “All The Kids In LA” straight through to the magnum opus of seven minute closer “Bar No One” and in between is a collection of songs that are rambunctious, raucous, and undeniably infectious.

“Let It Ride” introduces the uninitiated to James Alex’s gruff vocal style on a rawker that sounds like a mix between Social Distortion and The Replacements (Bassist Tommy Stinson coincidentally helps out on The Deadbeat Slang…). Then first single “Bam Rang Rang” ups the ante and then some, going for the jugular on a furious track that’s practically the gold standard when it comes to the proper way to Rawk!

Later on, “Tommy In The ’80’s” is an instant classic with a Paul Westerberg meets Bryan Adams vibe while elsewhere, the string-laden “Nobody Say Nothing” is simply beautiful as it flows into “Nowhere Bus” and Alex’s somber refrain of “I’m a one-way ticket on a nowhere bus”.

“Stiff” is down and dirty fun and “Born To Raise Hell” keeps the party going as this rollicking rabble rousin’ rawker gives listeners their 2020 mantra delivered with a ferocity not heard since Andrew WK’s greatest anthems from I Get Wet.

“Kicking Over Bottles” is a fitting penultimate ditty bringing one last blast of the Rawk before “Bar No One” changes the mood entirely in this piano-driven ballad showcasing Alex’s songwriting, accented by string and trumpet flourishes to close out the record.

The Deadbeat Slang of Heartbreak is out on January 10th through Bridge Nine Records. Pre-orders can be purchased now by clicking here or here. For more on Beach Slang, including upcoming live shows and more, follow them here or here.

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