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Bikini Death Race Transcend Eras And Genres On Eclectic Electro-Centric Refrigerator

The RIYL section of the press release for Refrigerator from Bikini Death Race mentions Ladytron, Le Tigre, Kap Bambin and Light Aslyum but if you want the whole sonic portrait then you’ve GOT to add The Network, Devo, Wall Of Voodoo, and Shiny Toy Guns in there as well. Does that sound like a lot? Well, it is! But it all works. Especially considering that, despite all those comparisons, Bikini Death Race sound like Bikini Death Race.

The title track sets the scene with a blistering synth-heavy hefty number that’s all about the Panda Guy bounce and Gingerkat Baddrox’s bodacious vocals with a flow that serves as an instrument which is as integral to the plot as the aforementioned bass from Panda Guy and Layman Alpha’s drum machines and synths. “Frontlines” is even more frantic and frenetic, tempered by steady pulses from Layman Alpha’s programmed beats as this decidedly bouncier ditty bombards listeners with Baddrox’s biting vox.

“Terminitram” is urgent and erudite, delivering a spacey symphony of synths while “Disappearing” is a subtle soliloquy that slows it all down before building toward a lush chorus. The programmed beats within “Rorro” by Layman Alpha hearken back to the ’80’s then accelerate to ludicrous speeds for a mesmerizing performance from both Baddrox and Guy (Assuming that “Guy” is Panda Guy’s last name) and then “Baggage” captures some manic energy and channels it all into a hopeful little anthem.

“Hush” is like the bastard child of Devo and Drywall (Seriously, go listen to “Police Call” off Work The Dumb Oracle from the Stan Ridgway-fronted outfit), offering a decisive and delightful slab of modern Electro that, as the kids say, slaps. And then it all gets wrapped up with “Nine” which starts off all quirky-like with bleeps and boops before the synths and bass enter and bring it all together for one last blast of electronic elegance as only Bikini Death Race could bring you.

Refrigerator opens its’ doors on September 17th courtesy of Negative Gain Productions. You can pre-order yours now when you head here. For the latest on Bikini Death Race, follow the socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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