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Black Wing, New Project From Giles Corey And Have A Nice Life Mastermind, Unleashes …Is Doomed


Where to begin? Dan Barrett is a musical genius! How about there? If you haven’t heard the sonic landscape Barrett has created under various monikers already (Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey) then consider Black Wing, his latest project, your wake up call.

Unlike the electronic bleakness of Have A Nice Life or the heavy handedness of the acoustic Giles Corey, Black Wing is oddly uplifting yet soaked in darkness. Almost like the perfect soundtrack to every shitty ’80’s movie that you don’t want to admit you love (John Carpenter, we’re looking at you!) or a modern take on Peter Gabriel’s original quartet of solo masterpieces, …Is Doomed is simply synthetic perfection.

“Luther” sets the tone with swirling bleeps and boops that build and build to electro bliss until the hymnal “Black Wing” comes in with those familiar Barrett tones and a dirge-like programmed drone. Instrumental “DSA” really capitalizes on that ’80’s aesthetic while “My Body Betrayed Me” and “If I Let Him In” capture that Gabriel feel (Think “Darkness” from 2002’s Us or “Biko” but less political). Rounded out by the Tron meets Drive “Death Sentences” and “Unemployed”, which is a goth dance floor stomp likely to spawn endless bouts of  interpretive dance at Man Ray (RIP!), …Is Doomed proves to be yet another classic from Barrett and a must have for any fan of his or any electronic music fan in general. Or music lovers! Everyone needs to have this, okay?

…Is Doomed is out on September 25th via The Flenser. Get your copy here. Or perhaps you want to get the bundle paired with the debut from Heat Dust instead? There are options, kiddos. Just sayin’.

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