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Blame Zeus Deliver Hard Rocking Soul On Sophomore Album Theory of Perception

The rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the Wilson sisters has been going through a resurgence as of late thanks to killer outings from Mlny Parsonz (Royal Thunder) and Nicole Estill (True Widow). One you may not have heard of, though, is vocalist Sandra Oliveira of Portugal’s Blame Zeus who even adds a bit of Mama Cass sass and soul to each hard rocker found on latest album, Theory of Perception.

If soulful and heavy is something that tickles your fancy then Blame Zeus’ latest is definitely for you. Beginning with riff rager “Slaughter House”, Blame Zeus immediately stands out not only because of Oliveira’s distinct voice but also the masterful shredding and musicianship presented here. That musicianship is even more prevalent on the grunge-y (Think Alice In Chains in particular) “All Inside Your Head” which shows off Paulo Silva and Tiago Lascasas’ Cantrell-ready chops. Then the most seductive devil of all rears her head on the straight up rocker “The Devil” while “Redemption” really focuses on Ricardo Silveira and Celso Oliveira’s drum and bass rhythmic synchronicity.

“The Moth” thrives from slow grooves and Oliveira’s vocal melodies weaving throughout the riffage building sonic intricacies and elevating the tune tenfold while the laid back “More Or Less” and downright somber “Entertainment Clown” present whole other musical depths of Blame Zeus. Closing out with “Id”, which is a damn near perfect representation of Blame Zeus, and the blues infused “Rose”, Theory of Perception ends just as exquisitely and memorable as it began.

Theory of Perception is out now through Bandcamp. Yours can be purchased right here and for more on Blame Zeus, head on over here.

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