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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Life In Your Way

Manchester, CT’s Life In Your Way is practically a staple in the New England heavy scene with a robust body of work already on call to ignite the crowds when they take the Capulet Stage as part of Day 1 of the 2024 Capulet Fest happening at Thompson Speedway Motorsports [...]

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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble: Week 2, Night 6

The end is nigh! Yes, you read that right! Following these last 4 daring artists, the stage will be set and whittled down to just 6 who will battle it out over at Sonia in the Semi-Final Rounds before the Grand Finale this May the Fourth. Do you have a [...]

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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble 2024: Week 1, Night 1

Can one have multiple “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” parts of a year? Like, we dig the hell out of October. Because Spooky Szn. And November. Because it’s our (Read: RNRF) birthday month. So, Fall in general. But this sweet spot in in April when the Rock [...]

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FOZZY Announce Livestream, Documentary Premiere For November 14th

2020 has caused a lot of reshuffling to release calendars and cancelled most every show imaginable. Even the mighty FOZZY is prone to pandemic woes and while one of front man Chris Jericho’s outfits has thrived and sustained throughout the year thanks to caution, caring, and innovation (We’re, of course, [...]

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Fable In The Making: From The Ashes Of Flight of Fire…Stormstress!

You read that right, kiddies! Not a hoax! Not a dream! We have resurrected a long dormant column! But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to find out what’s next for the ladies of Flight of Fire so without further adieu, guitarist Tanya Venom is here to tell you [...]

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