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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Life In Your Way

Manchester, CT’s Life In Your Way is practically a staple in the New England heavy scene with a robust body of work already on call to ignite the crowds when they take the Capulet Stage as part of Day 1 of the 2024 Capulet Fest happening at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park from June 28th through June 30th.

Sure, there hasn’t been any new music for a spell (Read: 10+ years) but when you’re Life In Your Way and the music you already have available is as timeless and enduring as what’s on full-lengths Kingdoms, Walking Giant, Ignite And Rebuild, and The Sun Rises…then choosing a set list won’t be a problem. The only problem we foresee is whittling what they have down to a manageable 35 minutes while simultaneously not exhausting the crowd (Who will no doubt be whipped into a frenzy) too soon and setting an unattainable level of awesome for the rest of what’s to come.

Add the fact that they’re celebrating 25 years as a band this year and the sky’s the limit in terms of what they’ll bring when unleashed upon the CF masses. And if you’ve never heard (Or seen) Life In Your Way then you’re in for a treat with any of their currently available across your favorite DSP’s records bringing their brand of emotive Hardcore/Metalcore stylings to your earholes which strikes like early Underoath meets The Receiving End Of Sirens

To find out all about Capulet Fest including how to get your tickets, daily lineups, vendor info and more just click here. For the latest on Life In Your Way, follow them across the information superhighway by heading here or here.

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