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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble: Week 2, Night 6

The end is nigh! Yes, you read that right! Following these last 4 daring artists, the stage will be set and whittled down to just 6 who will battle it out over at Sonia in the Semi-Final Rounds before the Grand Finale this May the Fourth. Do you have a favorite yet? Well, hold off just a little while longer and sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… of the last four artists to take the Preliminary Round stage at Middle East Upstairs on April 13th:

Robotic Hawks (9PM): The buzz surrounding NH’s Robotic Hawks lately is just. Hitting the stage with a fresh new release under their belts certainly helps the hype but what came previously from the trio certainly helped build that foundation up with their brand that’s modern Alternative mixed with Americana. Catch up on all things Robotic Hawks ahead of their opening slot on Night 6 by heading here.

Roser (945PM): We dug the hell out of RoseR when it arrived in 2022 and were psyched to find some new music was just released around the time of the announcement of the Lowell quintet’s inclusion in the 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble. We initially called the music from their self-titled 2022 album a sort of “Funkified Alt-Soul” and have found the stuff on follow-up Steps to be so much more, expanding their sound greatly. Maybe you’ll agree when you see them on April 13th? Newest music is below, head here for the rest.

CE Skidmore & The Damn Fine Band (1030PM): If we’re not mistaken, the kind of Rawk that CE Skidmore & The Damn Fine Band lay down is the same that makes bands like Pretty Girls Make Graves and The Murder City Devils so great but with a Boston inflection. If that’s too cerebral then you can just utilize last year’s That’s Baseball, Baby as the best local soundtrack for when the Red Sox come back home on April 9th. You can decide for yourself what CE Skidmore sound like by heading here ahead of their Rumble appearance on Night 6!

Mammothor (1115PM): Another one of those “On our ‘to do’ list artists (Sorry! Extend the hours in a day and we’ll cover more, we promise!), Boston’s Mammothor might be the best way to end the Preliminary Round as we think they’re also the all around heaviest artist on any of the bills. Has any other Rumble band covered an obscure Anthrax single? We think not (And for the record, we LOVE all John Bush-era Anthrax, especially Volume 8 which said single “Inside Out” appears on)! Anyway, they just celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut album and now you can celebrate, too, in person and with earplugs (Obvs!) at Middle East Upstairs on 4/13. Prepare here.

And that concludes our preview of Night 6 of the 2024 edition of the Rock & Roll Rumble which takes place at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge on Saturday, April 13th. Doors open at 8PM with a 9PM start time planned. Ticket links for all shows are located here with “Full Boat” passes for the whole shebang available here. For the latest on all things Rock & Roll Rumble-related, be sure to check out ye olde socials by clicking herehere, and here, or just skip the middle man and visit the main website here.

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