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Singles! Premiere! Tysk Tysk Task, “Trazodone”

There’s a few artists we’ve come across over the years that, when the announcement of new music of any sort arrives, we automatically start a draft or add the album or tune to a usually already in progress year end list because what they’ve created thus far is just that [...]

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Video Premiere! The Shallows, “Channels”

We can’t really say enough about the mesmerizing sounds that The Shallows conjure throughout their debut record Wave State. On both a local and national level, The Shallows create music that’s tantamount to a certain era but still stands out as timeless. And on an album of highlights, the debut [...]

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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: “Official Selection”, Summoners

I hate watching movies on my computer. Obviously it’s a personal choice but I’d much rather see a movie on a bigger screen whether it’s a TV or a theater (And yes, I know I could do any number of things to project from my laptop to one of those [...]

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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: “Official Selection”, In A Dark, Dark Room

“Evil Never Goes Away” So says an ominous voiceover at the start of director Denis Sobolev’s In A Dark, Dark Room and over the course of the film you’ll see exactly what evil can do tempting both innocent and not so innocent folks in a small provincial town near the [...]

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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: “Official Selection”, T-Blockers

“A Transgender & Queer Film By Alice Maio Mackay” is really the only thing we needed to read for us to dive headfirst into the latest from the So Vam director with barely a plot revealed. T-Blockers is a delightful Queer empowering film that simultaneously denounces and stands up to [...]

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RNRF X Salem Horror Fest: “Official Selection”, Stag

We’ve gotten to the point with our Salem Horror Fest coverage where we find ourselves questioning what should go into a great film review? Do you want the entire plot spoiled for you so as to highlight how clever certain moments are or do you keep it vague and general? [...]

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