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Video Premiere! The Shallows, “Channels”

We can’t really say enough about the mesmerizing sounds that The Shallows conjure throughout their debut record Wave State. On both a local and national level, The Shallows create music that’s tantamount to a certain era but still stands out as timeless. And on an album of highlights, the debut track from that lush collection of ethereal aural journeys, “Channels”, remains a stand out.

Is it any wonder that it serve as the first video treatment as well?

Nothing can substitute for a live experience but sometimes video treatments are the next best thing and “Channels” is no exception to that logic. Produced and shot by Nick Zampiello of New Alliance East and the band, the visual accompaniment for “Channels” highlights the quartet made up of Jess Baggia on vocals, Jason Keisch on drums, Brad Emerson on guitars, and Ben Didsbury on bass in their natural state performing with neon and black & white images interspersed over one another for a colorful look inside the New Wave/Electro world of The Shallows that certainly evokes classic clips of the ’80’s at times but also entrances with the natural ethereal feel of the music.

“Channels”, from Wave State on Mint 400 Records, is out now and can exclusively be viewed when you click below! To get the rest of Wave State, head here, and for more from The Shallows including all the news on upcoming live performances and more, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here or here.

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