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Singles! Premiere! Tysk Tysk Task, “Trazodone”

There’s a few artists we’ve come across over the years that, when the announcement of new music of any sort arrives, we automatically start a draft or add the album or tune to a usually already in progress year end list because what they’ve created thus far is just that damn good. Lowell’s Tysk Tysk Task is quickly becoming one of those artists for us and following January’s release of “Intolerable”, we were inclined to go that route with new single “Trazodone”. And not to toot our own methods but upon actually hearing the new jam in full, we can’t see any reason why TTT wouldn’t maintain that status from now on.

With that, kids, we’re saying that “Trazodone” is that good. The second song to feature Ben “Cutty” Cuthbert hittin’ the skins (With drummer Matt Graber handling the duties currently) following a stint with TTT last Spring/Summer, “Trazodone” really digs into those PJ Harvey vibes that vocalist/guitarist Samantha Hartsel mentioned in a recent interview with us (Read here) while also channeling Lauren Lakis’ haunting aesthetic and Melissa Auf der Maur’s epic Desert Rawk album from 2004.

But it’s Tysk Tysk Task through and through and once again we get to experience the band leveling up in real time with this one as our earholes translate the soundwaves heard to our collective gray matter. Speaking of collective, the group collected here is definitely top notch. It’s the way that Hartsel and Rick Martel play off each other culminating in a gnarly breakdown toward song’s end and the way that Martel’s bass tones (With Kyle Griffin on bass currently) create these strong pulses that ebb and flow, swelling almost, alongside Cuthbert’s tempered sticksmanship with Hartsel at the helm with a serene vocal delivery that still pierces the Alt Rawk solemnness.

“Trazodone” is out on February 2nd but you can hear it exclusively RIGHT NOW when you click below. For more from Tysk Tysk Task including a host of shows leading towards their slot on this year’s annual Boston Calling Festival in May, follow them across their socials by clicking here or here.

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