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DOMKRAFT Add To Their Gargantuan Sonic Landscape With Sonic Moons

DOMKRAFT’s follow-up to 2021’s Seeds, Sonic Moons, is meteoric, majestic, and mesmerizing and marks another seismic shift in the gargantuan aural landscape the Nordic trio constantly work to refine.

“Whispers” seemingly sways, continually swirling as guitars, drums, and bass circle each other for a behemothian (Not a word) amount of time in this sort of sonic stalemate with brief breaks for Martin Wegeland’s voice to cry out. “Stellar Winds”, which follows, is just brilliant and probably the only song in the DOMKRAFT discography that we could make an accurate comparison for with this particular track starting off like a classic Monster Magnet jam. But that’s where the comparisons end with an insistent hum rumbling as this swell of riffs and drum beats from Martin Widholm and Anders Dahlgren respectively rage on for a glorious seven and a half minutes or so. “Magnetism” goes even bigger (And yes, before you ask, bigger IS always possible within the context of DOMKRAFT’s world) as a spiraling whirlwind of riffage from Widholm springs up as Wegeland’s lumbering low end serves as a vast contrast to his screams.

The first track to drop from Sonic Moons, “Slowburner”, was a fast fix for fans waiting for new DOMKRAFT material with its’ all around infectious nature. For us, it was (And still is) a gotdamn gem of a song that easily embodied what was to come on the record and has been in regular rotation since. “Downpour” incessantly gallops up next, shimmers and shines while also shrieking to the skies, then promptly leaves with “Black Moon Rising” letting Widholm’s fret flag fly high on a riff-tacular shredder as Wegeland and Dahlgren lead their own rhythm section surge. “The Big Chill” brings some big sounds and a bigger runtime to bookend this banger album with another kaiju-sized track that moves and grooves relentlessly like a giant Megalodon searching for its’ next meal in a heightened fervor as the hunger rises much like the way DOMKRAFT’s steady sounds here lurch along in synch.

Sonic Moons arrives on September 8th through Magnetic Eye Records. Pre-orders are up now and can be perused, purchased, pre-saved, and all the things by heading here. For the latest from DOMKRAFT, follow them across ye olde social by clicking here or here.

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