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Electric Six Unleash Another Bombastic Beast On Magical Yet Mature Turquoise

We hate to label anything Electric Six does as “mature” but, um, Turquoise kinda is??? We’re sorry! But also not because regardless, it still sounds like Electric Six. And on this latest, their first in almost 5 years, the Detroit outfit deliver an energetic, eclectic, and electrifying new album that bombards the ears with the same kind of pomp and circumstance that shook the world to its’ core when Fire dropped in 2003 (Yes, kids, it has been 20 years since the E6 debut)!

“Take Me To The Sugar” is an event, a celebration, a big ole “Welcome Back!” from Electric Six and a track that, like the legendary tale of Goldilocks & The Three Bears, is not too hard, not too soft, but just right. “Dr. K”, however, is Electric Six Party music all around with scorching guitar lines from Johnny Na$hinal and Herb S. Flavors, slamming drumming from Dr. J, and Dick Valentine at the center of it all barking out commands like the master showman he is. Then there’s “Hot Numbers On The Telephone” which could easily be a classic off any number of prior E6 releases with the way it confidently shimmies its’ way into your earholes followed by “Panic! Panic!” which, on the other end of the spectrum, represents the next wave in Electric Six grandness.

“Skyrocketing” is a sleazy down ‘n dirty rawker with shreddy guitars from Flavors and Na$hinal, “Born To Be Ridiculed” is like a mix of Jerry Lee Lewis and classic Bruce Springsteen, and “Staten Island Ass Squad” is a carousing crooner with Valentine taking the reins on this new modern E6 anthem. “Window Of Time” features a commanding vocal performance from the “Dance Commander” during this slightly Surf Rawk-ish ditty and “The Browning Of Her Bones” is a ramp up to the finale and is an undeniable banger driven by Smorgasbord’s bass and Tait? Nucleus’ keys that glisten along. And surprising to absolutely no one is a closing Electric Six number that’s seemingly made for the sole purpose of getting your heart pumpin’ and yer feets stompin’ which is exactly what the glorious dance kaiju “The Wheel Finds A Way” is.

Turquoise arrives on September 8th through Metropolis Records with pre-orders up now and available to check out when you head here or click on the stream below. For the latest from Electric Six, including where you can catch them live soon like at City Winery Boston on October 15th, follow them across the information superhighway by heading here, here, or here.

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