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Ember Twin Electrify On Diabolically Dancey Darkwave Let Us In

Have I mentioned how incredibly lucky I am to not only get to sit here and type about what I love to share with you all, but also have the opportunity to expose you loyal readers to a bevy of new artists that I’m exposed to because of said opportunity? It’s pretty frickin’ neat. And speaking of neat, Ember Twin’s latest which unexpectedly came across ye olde digital desk is just that. And then some.

But I digress.

In case you missed what we were getting at above, Ember Twin is the bee’s knees. On Let Us In, the Swedish trio absolutely enthrall throughout the nine tracks presented here which lurch and linger long after the closing chords sing out.

From the opening pangs/drones of “Out Of Light”, Ember Twin inject your earholes with sounds that are like Orgy meeting LCD Soundsystem soaked in Goth and fit for your favorite dark club. “Fur” rattles and rolls with complex beats and isolated vox bringing to mind early Industrial marvels but utilizing modern synth and Darkwave while “Don’t Be Yourself” is a pulsating, throbbing world of beats and synthetic blankets.

“Act” answers the question of “If Chk Chk Chk ever went full Electro, what would they sound like?” and later, “Another Place” is an interesting world builder of a sonic ditty being equal bits futuristic and unholy all the while wrapping your heads with the power of the instrumental.

Then “10 Inch Tall” enters and sounds HUGE before “I Miss Myself” gets the dance party started once again in an inviting rawker that shares some DNA with some of Ladytron’s more memorable cuts. Rounding out this fine collection of fiery sounds from multi-instrumentalists William E., Malin, and Mikael is “Punkrocker” which provides a playful end to a plethora of progressive perfection.

Let Us In is out now and can be in your earholes immediately if you click here, here, or on the stream below. For more on Ember Twin, follow their digital footprint by clicking here, here, or here.

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