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Fatigue Fly The Darkwave Banner High In MA On Self-Titled EP

If you live in Massachusetts, chances are that you’ve heard the one about whenever you turn on the nightly news you’re likely to find that something bad has happened in one of our many towns/cities starting with the letter “L”. You know what I’m talkin’ about! There’s Lawrence and Lancaster and Lynn and the birthplace of today’s artist of note, Lowell!

Which is probably why, when perusing Fatigue’s Bandcamp site you’ll see them described as “Dark, depressed synth-pop from a desolate mill city.” They know what I’m talkin’ about at least.

But I digress.

More importantly, Darkwave is alive and well in Massachusetts! For those, like me, who sit on the edge of your seats with anticipation when Metropolis Records or Negative Gain announce a new artist to their roster will be pleased to find that you can now look closer to home when searching for your next Electro/Goth fix.

Along the lines of fellow local Electro luminaries Moris Blak or even Mr. Kitty, Fatigue’s brand of synthetic bliss manages to sound fresh on an EP that offers a broad variety of what’s to come from this promising artist. Opener “Slavering” definitely proves that point with club thumping beats keeping the pace underneath an Electro blanket of twisted carnival sounds which, at times, brings to mind old school Aesthetic Perfection.

“The Middle Class” changes the mood entirely and provides more insight into the world of Fatigue with airy vocals amidst a spacey soundscape building into an epic conclusion. Then Fatigue go and cover “Next Exit”, originally by Interpol, and turn it into this cold, mechanical beast pulsating with an electronic heart and something likely to be found within the walls of Call Of The West from Wall Of Voodoo (Especially tracks like “Factory”) rather than on Antics.

Closing with the “Slighter Mix” of “Pageantry”, Fatigue take a track that was originally a throbbing ditty suited for the floors at Xmortis and present a reimagining that now provides the perfect soundtrack to the after party with sweeping passages making the track all the more gorgeous and gargantuan in scope.

Fatigue is out now and can be yours by clicking here or on the stream below. For the latest on Fatigue, including where you can catch them live in the wild, follow their social media sites by clicking here.

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