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Gary Numan Delivers Epic Electronic Ecstasy On Intruder

Any fan of Goth, Industrial, Electro, and Darkwave who has yet to check out recent outings from Gary Numan should hand in their membership card this instant. We’re about twenty years into Numan V.2 which began in 2000 with the release of Pure (Or with more regularity in releases since 2006’s Jagged) and since then, the legendary innovator and artist has continually gotten better and better, not only adding to his already impressive legacy with the the newer material but perhaps, just perhaps, exceeding it.

Intruder adds even more.

Hot on the heels of Numan’s autobiography released late last year ((R)evolution, available here and here), Intruder looks to bookend a year of turmoil and personal revelation with an exquisite new slab of technical ecstasy from one of the undisputed godfathers of electronic and synth-driven music. Have you ever jumped into a new record and, as soon as the atmosphere really hits, it just brings an uncontrollable smile and giddiness because you just know what’s coming? Intruder evokes those kinds of feelings the second the ominous yet spiritual nature of “Betrayed” begins and even more so when Numan’s hushed tones begin to swirl around.

“The Gift” begins the real grind with subtle pulses over programmed beats slowly moving amidst a Middle East-tinged atmosphere while “I Am Screaming” is a brooding, bold, and all around beautiful. “Intruder” is sweeping modern Numan that’s cut from a sonic cloth that’s been perfected and honed through over forty years of trial, tribulations, and experimentations.

“Is This World Not Enough” is pure electronic euphoria while “A Black Sun” is somber and pretty as Numan’s croon aches and arches over this inherent hum. Then there’s “The Chosen” which practically palpitates, swelling to flex its’ musical muscles burgeoning into one of Numan’s most raucous romps in recent years that’s filled with an almost primal seething that brings to mind The Prodigy, Goldie, and Nine Inch Nails.

“Saints And Liars” is a tasty bit of futuristic funk with a veritable synthetic symphony within eventually leading toward the inevitable end of the road with “The End Of Dragons” which is both epic and somber and an orchestral feat brought back to Earth with Numan’s quiet delivery over a touching piano line. However, if you want even more Numan then luckily there are extended vinyl versions featuring an alternate mix of “The End Of Dragons” as well as the bouncy “When You Fall”.

Intruder is out now! Order yours now in a variety of formats when you click here. For more on Gary Numan, follow the media pages leading to the socialness by heading here, here, or here.

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