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Ghastly Sound Kicks 2017’s Ass Once Again With Scorching EP The Bottom

If you put The Bottom, the upcoming EP from Vermont’s Ghastly Sound, together with the S/T EP released earlier this year (Our review is here) then you might have the most perfect rawk release of 2017. Killer on their own, fucking epic together.

“Waves”, which opens The Bottom, is unreal in its’ epicness. Like a continuation from the last release and built from this singular guitar scream that is only rivaled by vocalist Tyler Gurwicz’s equally intense scream, the track is a transcendent opening to a truly memorable end-of-the-year release.

Once again featuring hero bassist TJ Maynard (See here) and “hero”-ic drumming from Ryan Lewis, The Bottom continues Ghastly Sound’s mad quest for the coveted Metal crown (Editor’s Note: It is unconfirmed that GS is indeed “mad” or that there is such a thing as a “Metal crown”) with songs like the title track that is pure sludge perfection as Gurwicz’s smooth delivery meshes with the sonics just right thus creating this harmonious hum as Lewis pummels the kit.

“Holy Serpent” switches between melody and mayhem with ease as Gurwicz’s scream and clean lines act as the most perfect contrast amidst the heavy maelstrom. “Deadtooth” begins with Gurwicz  dreamily proclaiming “Leave Me Alone” as these riffs that are thicker than molasses lumber on until “Sink” loudly finishes off The Bottom with two and a half minutes of unbridled and unyielding guitarless fury. Oh yeah, there’s no guitars here. Eye opening after hearing all this, right?

The Bottom will drop on December 15th through Magnetic Eye Records. Same day as The Last Jedi. You can crank the EP on your way to the theater and on the way back so if the movie sucks you’ll have two slices of awesome to bookend the experience at least. Buy yours here and then head here for more on Ghastly Sound.

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