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Glassing Bring Next Level Heaviness With Twin Dream

I don’t know what a “multidimensional trio” is but I do know that if all of them sound like Glassing do then sign me up for an annual subscription! Twin Dream is the third full-length from the Texas outfit and for the uninitiated, it mixes the visceral ferocity and technical prowess of Goes Cube with Neurosis’ bludgeoning behemothian presence and puts a frontperson whose presence is as diabolically diverse as Jacob Bannon behind the mic.

“Spire” is barely a taste of what’s to come yet still manages to bottle all of the Glassing goodness on the horizon into a neat little introductory package. With guitars from Cory Brim wailing and screaming, Dustin Coffman’s feral shriek conjuring up all the uneasy feels alongside a counterpoint from the way his bass languidly lumbers along, and the slow and steady crashing from Jason Camacho’s drumming, the stage is instantly set for some next level heaviness.

“Burden” is that perfect meshing of the aforementioned Neurosis/Goes Cube blend, taking listeners on an expansive and seemingly everlasting sojourn with a bevy of styles interwoven into the immense seven minute length while “Absolute Virtue” is spacious and staggering punctuated by Camacho’s staccato attacks which quickly becomes a constant rumbling when Coffman enters with this solid screech as arpeggiated shreds from Brim add an intricate intensity.

The title track is menacing and ethereal with Coffman’s primal bass tones once again offering a dichotomy to his vocals which, in this case, glistens instead of growls with from the falsetto delivery. “Doppler” is a massive two minutes of focused dirge Rawk. Like, the kind of noise that causes your whole body to involuntarily convulse. In a good way of course. “Among The Stars” is a short burst of raucous riposte to “Doppler” and then “Where Everything Is Still” cleanses the aural palette with a quieter instrumental interlude that paves the way for “True North” to steadily stampede towards the finish line with a robust and glazed over “At Long Last” ultimately ending Twin Dream in a relative, ahem, dream state.

Twin Dream awakens on November 5th through Brutal Panda. Pre-order yours now in a plethora of formats by heading here. For the latest on Glassing, follow them across the interwebs by clicking here, here, or here.

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