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Heat Dust’s Debut Delivers Modern Post-Punk To The Masses


The return of post-punk is a glorious thing. Whether Eagulls eponymous debut and Beastmilk’s Climax in 2014 or Coliseum’s recent headfirst dive into the genre with this year’s Anxiety’s Kiss, modern bands are proving that the genre is still alive and well in 2015. Then comes Heat Dust who not only carry that torch proudly but also prove the genre has some new tricks on their debut.

Maybe a little more in the Ian Curtis/Peter Murphy School of Subtle Intensity than the Jaz Coleman Academy for Uninhibited Madness, vocalist/guitarist Jasper den Hartigh delivers a performance here that, while at some times familiar, is wholly unique.

As a result, exploring the album is a treat and a half from the opening salvo of “Nothing Left To Lose” through to the final chords of “I Allowed Myself” with a solid batch of awesome in between. Some of that awesome includes “Seeking A Praxis” driven by Shawn Tabor’s bass and oozing with post-punk goodness and dreamy vocal harmonies courtesy of guitarist/vocalist Clayton Hunt.

“(Hopefully) Alone” shares commonalities with The Misfits and the aforementioned Beastmilk while “I Think About It Every Day” just hums with a layered vocal chorus that’ll make you tingle. Elsewhere, “Something For Nothing” is a rollicking thump fest pushed by Christopher Stein’s drum work

Heat Dust is out on September 25th through The Flenser. Get your copy here and then head here for more on the band. Or buy a bundle with the debut from Black Wing here. You’re welcome in advance.

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