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Howling Giant Presents Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 And The Best Rawk Jam Of 2017…And More!

2017 has had me starting off a lot of reviews with “Holy shit!” and that is not a phrase I type lightly/haphazardly. The latest case of “Holy Shit!” is due to Howling Giant’s upcoming EP and the fact that I have been, apparently, oblivious to this Nashville outfit until now.

We rectify the latter with this review.

“Henry Tate” throbs and hums and grooves underneath rad riffage and organ undertones that lay the groundwork for what’s to come within Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2. That’s right, people! It’s the second chapter….of something (Grab Part 1 here). “The Pioneer” follows and is SO good. One of the best rawk songs of 2017, hands down, this track soars above thanks to subtle piano lines straight from a gorgeous Eric Serra score (The Professional and The Fifth Element in particular), the bass rumble throughout, the crunchy guitar lines, and those shimmering vocal lines.

“Visions” builds and pulsates until focusing on a layered vocal line along with stop/start drumming and a lone anthemic guitar riff while “Circle of Druids” goes for straight up dooooom with a killer double bass drum to completely complement the rawk. Closing with riff shredder “Earh Druid” which, honestly, is where Black Sabbath could’ve gone had they continued making albums with the original line up brings Part 2 to its’ inevitable conclusion leaving mouths ajar and ears waiting until Part 3 eventually lands.

Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 is out on August 25th and will be a “Pay What You Want” digital download on release day. Until then, though, the band is using any money made from pre-orders towards merch and touring costs. So do the right thing and shell out the $6.66 (See, they’re funny too!) and help a cool band out by clicking here.

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