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Jabba Is Heavier Than The Hut On Rawkin’ Debut Vice

Their name is Jabba and they have a song called “Mathlete.” ‘Nuff said.

If only it were that simple, right?

But I digress!

Jabba is indeed their name and this bass/drum duo from Tromsø, Norway is about to blow your minds with their brand of raucous rawkin’. As I sit here typing while listening to “Rat” and discover even more cool things about the song while constantly fighting off the urge to stop what I’m doing and just headbang I discover that, like me, people discovering Vice for the first time will be hardpressed not to become mesmerized by Jabba’s aural offerings.

As far as debut albums go, Vice is tops. From the moment “Final Form” comes to life through to the final blasts of “Drugs”, listeners will be enthralled by the fuzzed out sonics and pained screams found within. “Smoke” thunders along with frenetic pacing until “Drink” hits and goes through some nasty (In a good way) time signature transitions before “Moon” gets downright catastrophic producing one of the best heavy breakdowns of the summer, maybe even the year! Then there’s the aforementioned “Mathlete” which is just fucking epic, with these bass tones that are out of this world paired with staccato percussive attacks to make a stellar sound.

Vice is out through Loyal Blood Records on July 19th. It’s sick! Get your very own copy here.

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