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Jaye Jayle Explores Synthetic Soundscapes On Moody Prisyn

Jaye Jayle creates the kind of music that is tantamount to current times. It’s bleak and downtrodden and with Prisyn, pretty quirky and strange….so yeah, pretty much 2020 to a T. On the newest full-length, multi-instrumentalist Evan Patterson teams with Chelsea Wolfe’s Ben Chisholm to concoct the most unique Jaye Jayle record yet with a heavy focus on synthesizers and programming.

“A Cold Wind” starts out and is kind of paint-by-numbers Jaye Jayle then opens up to become like something out of a John Carpenter flick while “Don’t Blame the Rain” continues with that synthetic setting, creating a sense of hysteria with a little of a Billy Joel-in-the-vein-of-“Pressure” vibe going on and vocal effects that Darkwave impresario Mr Kitty uses so well prominently on display.

“Synthetic Prison” is an ominous yet enlightening instrumental interlude, segueing into “The River Spree” which is akin to a modern Mark Lanegan-esque spoken word masterpiece which builds towards huge pulses of percussion. “Making Friends” is jarringly brilliant, propelled by jangling piano tones, glistening synthesizers, and programmed beats before “Guntime” comes in and is a little Nick Cave, a little Detective Noir, and a whole lot of True Detective.

“Blueberries” is foreboding, treading a fine line between the futuristic world David Bowie created for Outside and just all around controlled chaos. “I Need You” is delightfully discordant, built from scattered piano pangs and a ghostly soundscape and later, “From Louisville” closes up the latest chapter of Jaye Jayle with a haunting duet that spooks while it sways its’ way towards a glorious end.

Prisyn lands on August 7th through Sargent House. Pre-orders are live now and can be perused and picked up by clicking here or here. For more on Jaye Jayle, head towards the socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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