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Jimmy Urine Shares A Different Side On The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine

Those of you expecting a collection of score compositions from Mindless Self Indulgence main maestro Jimmy Urine to be anything but a manic pile of sonic experimentation should brace yourselves for…something else entirely. There’s sonic experimentation for sure but if you’re expecting MSI V.2 then this is not your safe space.

Sure, “Fighting With The Melody” (From the game Metronomicon) may start as you’d expect: crazy bleeps, boops, and beeps underlying Urine’s frantic delivery but from there it’s the music that does the talking and not Urine. At all. Such is the case with “I Want To Be Human” as a sole mechanical voice repeats the same refrain and it’s like a whole new world of crazy has opened up.

MSI might be the soundtrack for the mental breakdowns and the asylums but Urine on his own provides the soundtrack for, gasp!, dance and goth clubs!

A mostly electronical affair, The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine delves into the quieter aspects of Urine’s musical personality but still brings plenty of surprises. Take all the electronic elements from MSI and strip the guitars, bass, drums, and vocals….and you have this. And it’s still good! Honest! As a collected album it’s kind of like Tron: Legacy (Because I compare all instrumental electro to that lately) mixed with SURVIVE and Carpenter Brut.

“All Together Friends Forever” (From The Hive) could be a perfect addition to the Barney repertoire if it wasn’t already beholden to a Nerdist-produced horror flick while “Final Level” is similarly ominous yet still has a huge video game vibe which flows nicely into the appropriately titled “End Boss”. Later, a true soft side blooms out of the glistening airiness of “Aching Addicted Affection Again” as “Available On Betamax” rightly summons up all the ’80’s feels.

The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine will be available on April 28th through The End Records. A plethora of purchasing options are available here as well as a no frills (But still badass) digital edition here.

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