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Kooked Out Mix Surf Rawk With Serenity On Intimate New EP DIY Sessions 1

Who else has been amped up for some new Kooked Out music following 2022’s Vis Viva full-length and last year’s truly triumphant sets during the 2023 Rock & Roll Rumble??? While it seems the collective “we” will have to wait a little longer for a “proper” follow-up to the modern party record that everyone should have in their collection, we’re pretty content to have DIY Sessions 1 to tide us over until then.

The latest from the Boston duo (With an expanded and electric live presence) is but a taste of what’s to come offering up three new songs and two covers of some Surf Rock classics. As a whole, the new EP offers a more reserved and refined version of Kooked Out to the extent that we feel DIY Sessions 1 is their version of Alice In Chains’ own Jar Of Flies or Sap releases in terms of acoustic/experimental interludes between records.

“All My Woes” is a subtle start filled with all the soulful groove that Kooked Out do so well with bass tones from Chris Caduto bigger then ever and John Fiore’s vocals echoing as if bouncing off the walls on this all around laid back number to set the vibe. “Walk Don’t Run”, originally by The Ventures, saunters in next and as done by KO is simply perfection. “Aura” is a phrase that gets tossed around all willy nilly like lately (We’re making a case to bring back “willy nilly”, btw) but we can’t think of a better term especially when listening to this track or DIY Sessions 1 in its’ entirety with Chris Laskey’s jazzy drumming nicely acting as the counterpoint to Fiore’s smooth shreds.

“Make The Rounds” is the Country-fied Kooked Up you never knew you needed in your life with an almost John Denver kind of glaze covering the song (Think “Take Me Home, Country Roads” especially) that adds Nicole Nelson to the mix for a serene duet with Fiore. Next in the covers department comes the Kooked Out take on The Surfaris’ legendary “Wipe Out” which is tailor made for the band’s style already and has been a welcome addition to their live set for some time. Ending the new release is “Jojo” which continues on the softer side with Fiore’s tender acoustic ode to his fiancee and newborn son playing as both a ballad and a lullaby.

DIY Sessions 1 drops on June 21st and you can secure your copy by staying tuned to the links included here. For more from Kooked Out, including upcoming shows and all the info on their next full-length, follow the trail of socials by heading here, here, or here.

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