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Local Artists Highlight WEMF’s Deathkiss Volume One Compilation

There’s nothing quite like supporting your local music scene especially when it’s a scene that thrives as much as Boston’s does. In addition to all the bands themselves are great outlets like the local clubs and stations like WEMF Radio who provide music fans with opportunities to hear all the diverse offerings Boston artists have to offer. Speaking of WEMF, they just unleashed Deathkiss Volume One featuring some of Boston’s best current heavy artists who can often be heard on the radio show of the same name (Which airs every Friday at 7PM).

From the opening barrage of Raw Radar War’s thrash meets punk “Pride of the Ignorant” into the hard rawk of Shatner’s “Scram”, the diversity and overall unbridled musicianship is obviously apparent. Over the course of the six tracks here, that trend continues.

Whether it’s Il Mostro infusing some soulful vox into their contribution or Oxblood Forge bringing a heavy dose of desert rawk fueled by Ken MacKay’s distinct howl, this Deathkiss comp serves as the perfect primer for all your new favorite bands.

Hepatagua follows with the sludgy “Where Boys Fear to Tread” until the ambitious sonic experimentation of “Razrusheniye” by Pripyat is Lost closes out the compilation with a whopping sixteen minute track.

Deathkiss Volume One is available now and available here! The WEMF radio show of the same name airs every Friday night. For more info about WEMF and the artists they regularly showcase, head here and then over here to listen live!

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