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Messiahvore Dig Deep In The Desert Sludge With Transverse

Spilling out of the sonic carnage that 2021’s self-titled debut wraought, Denver’s Messiahvore pick up the pieces and the pace with a decidedly more potent offering that shatters expectations and breaks the curse of the dreaded “sophomore slump” with the eight tracks of pure, unfiltered Rawk that make up Transverse.

“Discipline Of Violence” wails like a warning at Transverse‘s onset before some thumping percussion and chugga chugga riffage ease listeners into the dynamic drawl that’s brutally magnificent and highlights the collective power of Jenn McRorey, Kevin Disney, Brokk Dagaz, and Bart McRorey. “The Unkind” is a snazzy riffmonger that expertly traverses a fine line between Desert Rawk and Sludge with the way that Bart and Disney’s guitars continually collide with Jenn’s bass and Dagaz’s slamming drums while “Deconstructor” smoothly slides up next for a steadily paced shredder.

The title track is kinda transcendent with an inherent buzz, scorching solos, and some killer vocal turns from both Bart and Disney and then “One Million Mistakes” transcends even more for a fuzzed out fever dream that quickly turns into a gnarly new Desert Rawk anthem complete with a kick ass chorus. “Hope of the Living Dead” is this perfect medium between Messiahvore and Transverse with the constant rumbling, “Antidote” follows suit with a robust riff-filled ride, and “Replicant” goes all “Tusk” with the primal drumming Dagaz lays down which, when coupled with Jenn’s low end, puts up a veritable wall of constant virile vibrations while Disney and Bart rattle off their own riff cluster for a fortuitous finale.

Transverse drops on June 2nd through Iron Head Records/Golden Robot Records. You can pre-order yours now by heading here, get your digital on by heading here, and get the latest news from Messiahvore by following them across the information superhighway when you click here, here, or here.

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