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Motor Sister (AKA Mother Superior Take Two) Deliver Ride

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What do you get when you put the guitarist from Anthrax, the bassist from Armored Saint, and the drummer of The Cult in a room with singer Pearl Aday and the former singer of Mother Superior? Simple: So. Much. Rockin’ out! Like a bluesy/more soulful version of Scott Ian’s The Damned Things, Motor Sister is a new band giving a new spin to some overlooked classics.

The “classics” in question come from vocalist Jim Wilson’s former outfit, Mother Superior, and have been given a modern day facelift and ultimately new life. Birthed from a jam that took place on Ian’s 50th birthday (Read all about it and more in his recent memoir here), the songs that make up Ride are unlike anything out in modern rock today and more importantly put Mother Superior back in the spotlight.

Wilson sounds like a man possessed from his first yelp on opener “A-Hole” through to the closing cries of “Devil Wind”. Remember those ’80’s albums where the vocals were mixed right up front and in your face? That’s the case here and, believe you me, once you’ve heard Wilson you wouldn’t want the mix any other way. Like a man out of time, Wilson has one of those distinct voices reminiscent of some of the greats from yesteryear (Think Cream) or a Myles Kennedy or Ian Thornley of today.

Besides the Mother Superior angle, the magic behind Motor Sister truly is the sum of all its collective parts. John Tempesta (The Cult, White Zombie, Testament) delivers a fiery performance, attacking each note behind the kit with a heated intensity while Joey Vera’s bass is a sonic force adding some low end crunch to tracks like “Whore” and “Get That Girl”.

Then there’s that Ian guy whose guitar work is just spectacular alongside Wilson (Who was the sole guitarist in Mother Superior). Hearing songs like “This Song Reminds Me Of You” or  “Pretty in the Morning” and fans can easily hear how Mother Superior laid the groundwork for what became The Damned Things. And let’s not forget Miss Pearl Aday whose profound voice might be in the background on most of Ride but still manages to shine on each and every track (“Beg Borrow Steal” and “Doghouse” are particular stand outs).

If you like your rock and/or roll with a heavier edge and a whole lotta soul then Ride is an album you need to own and Motor Sister is a band you need to know. Ride is out now through Metal Blade Records. Secure your copy by clicking here or here.

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